21. March 2010

As you have probably noticed it is (only) in English and that is because of a simple fact that I just don’t have time for translations and bilingual website would never work, because then someone would come up with something like; Why not in Hoktumbu(click-click)ugambe?

Anyway. It’s put together and will be right here for you to see the stuff that I do, keep up with the news, provide you with all the info which you need (and mostly don’t). There are a few links for good measure, my “network” and … stuff. :)

We tried to keep it simple and user friendly. If we failed; keep it to yourself! ;) If we succeeded; tell everyone!

I would like to thank all those involved in the process; you know who you are – if you don’t; you should have tried harder!

Love, Blaz!

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